Operation and Supply Chain Management

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Sec I- strategy & sustainability
2. strategy & sustainability
3. product & service design Sec II- manufacturing, service & health care processes *4. strategic capacity management *4A. learning curves 5. process analysis 5A. job design & work measurement 6. production process 6A. facility layout *7. service processes *7A. waiting line analysis *8. health care processes 9. six sigma quality 9A. process capability and SPC 10. projects

Sec III- supply chain process *11. global sourcing & procurement (purchasing) 12. location, logistics, & distribution
*13. lean & sustainable supply chains
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Management and staff jobs on OSCM working for Chief Operating Officer (COO): * plant manager: oversees the workforce & physical resources (inventory, equipment, information technology) * hospital administrator: oversees HRM, staffing, finances * branch manager (bank): oversees all aspects of financial transactions * department store manager: oversees all aspects of staffing and customer service * call center manager: oversees staffing & customer service activities * supply chain manager: negotiates contracts with vendors and coordinates the flow of material inputs to the production process and the shipping of finished products to customers * purchasing manager: manages day-to-day aspects of purchasing such as invoicing and follow up * business process improvement analyst: applies the tools of lean production to reduce cycle time and eliminate waste in the process * quality control manager: applies techniques of statistical quality control such as acceptance sampling and control charts to the firm´s products * lean improvement manager: trains organizational members in lean production and continuous improvement methods * project manager: plans and coordinates staff activities such as new product development, new technology development, and new facility location * production control analyst: plans and schedules day-to-day production * facilities
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