Operational Analysis Of The Current Operational Approach

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The focus of this report is to provide an operational analysis on behalf of Cofair. Including an analysis of the current operational approach along with recommendations to improve the company’s competitive advantage will be suggested to the Managing Directors. The report contains the value chain, strategy and measurement aspects with a focus relating to quality and innovational approaches for improving the operational management of the company. Value Chain The above image shows the value chain for Cofair. This value chain has been designed in such a way, to provide competitive advantages at each point in the process and add value where possible. We have identified areas of potential complexities in relation to supplier breakdown. Cofair has limited control over its second tier of suppliers, or, the drone part suppliers, supplier, and coffee suppliers, supplier. This creates the opportunity for complexities to arise as communication with these entities of the supply chain would not be direct and likely difficult. Therefore trust is placed in first tier suppliers to manage their own sources/suppliers so that further along the supply chain, value is not disrupted. Dependency has also been formed in this value chain. Cofair is dependent on each supplier managing their shipments to the assembly shop – where all drones are manufactured and tested. On time shipments and delivery of parts is critical as failing to do this can create problems further along the value chain. Quality
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