Operational Failures Occur Within Organizations Across All Industries Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Operational failures occur within organizations across all industries, with consequences ranging from minor inconveniences to major catastrophes. How can managers encourage frontline workers to solve problems in response to operational failures? In the manufacturing industry, the setting for this study, operational failures occur due to an internal constraint which is the over use of one major machine. Using data reported from both the production and sale teams, the researcher found that problem-solving in response to operational failures is influenced by both the downtime posed by the constraint and the extent to which the organization incurs a lost. Findings can be used by the organization to increase the management awareness of the extent to which downtime affects the operation process and ways by which improvement can take place.. Key concepts include: Operational failures that trigger more financial and liability risks are associated with more break down of the machine. By communicating the importance of problem-solving and engaging in problem-solving themselves, line managers can stimulate increased problem-solving among workers. Even without managers ' regular engagement in problem-solving, communication about its importance can promote more problem-solving among workers. By explaining some of the variation in responsiveness to operational failures, this study empowers managers to adjust their approach to stimulate more problem-solving within the

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