Operational Functions Of The Operations Manager

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The operations manager is among the most important managerial position in an organization. The paper is a reflection of the information shared by the operations manager of Donald Stores.
Managerial functions
Every manager completes the following function in the execution of his or her duties. The four functions are planning organizing, leading and controlling (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2009). The functions of organizing and planning are important for effectively carrying out of the subsequent functions of leading and controlling. In planning the manager creates an action plan that is aimed at achieved of some organizational goals. After, planning, organizing follows which involves the determination of how the organizational resources will be distributed and organized among the employees according to what was planned. Leading involves connecting with employees on an interpersonal level. The main activities include motivating, communicating, inspiring and encouraging employees towards the achievement of high levels of productivity. Lastly, controlling is a function that involves evaluation of the results against the goals that were set during the planning phase.
Kind of managers
There are various types of managers depending on the basis used for the classification. The common basis for classifying managers includes the management style, organizational functions performed and based on idiosyncratic behaviors. An operations manager functions are planning, overseeing and
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