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Signs and symbols in a service facility are helpful because they:
Reduce anxiety with waiting
Cause customers to spend more money per visit
Cause employees to be more helpful
Orient customers and promote acceptable behaviour

Using the SREDEDIM method, if you had to monitor to see if the conditions had changed which step would you perform:
Install a new method
Examine the facts
Maintain new method
Select the work method
Record the present method
Develop a new method

Allowing people to feel personally responsible for an identifiable and meaningful portion of their work is associated with the …….. approach to job design?
Autonomous work teams
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Being acknowledged
Demands against policies
Breaking social norms

What is process technology?
Technology that will only process materials for manufacture
Technology that has to be present in order for any transformation process to occur
The machines, equipment and devices which help the operation transform materials and information and customers in order to add value and fulfil the operation’s strategic objectives.
Machines that allow customers to walk past without setting off alarms

Which is more important, front office or back office processing technology?
Both offices perform critical roles and as such the choice and utilization of process technology is equally important
Both are equally important as the same amount of resources are used in both
Front because this is where the customer is and they are being processed
Back as this facilitates ease of processing at the front

What does the detailed design of layout means?
The detailed position of all transforming recourses
Putting on paper the physical location of machines, staff offices, etc.
Where the workers are seated in comparison to management
How effectively the layout fits to accommodate the needs of its workers

When making layout decisions, which is the most appropriate sequence of events?
Selection of basic layout, selection of process type and selection of detailed design layout
Selection of basic layout, selection of product type and selection of detailed design of layout
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