Operational Plan

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Some of the Details Outlined in an Operational Plan Human and Other Capacity Requirements The human capacity and skills required to implement your plan, and your current and potential sources of these resources. Also, other capacity needs required to implement your plan (such as internal systems, management structures and engaged partners) Financial Requirements The funding required to implement your plan, your current and potential sources of these funds, and your most critical resource and funding gaps. Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy What risks exist and how they can be addressed. Estimate of Project Lifespan, Sustainability, and Exit Strategy How long your plan will last, when and how you will exit your plan (if…show more content…
Comparison of actual results with budget and investigation of variances Budget Officer 1. Controls the budget administration, the job involves: 2. Liaising between the budget committee and managers responsible for budget preparation 3. Dealing with budgetary control problems 4. Ensuring that deadlines are met 5. Educating people about budgetary control. Required Resources for an Operational Plan Resources are the assets of the organisation. They include human, physical, financial, intangible and structural resources. In addition, these resources determine how much of operational plan can be implemented and how far the implementation can proceed. Resources Human Physical Financial Intangible Experiences Equipment Debt Brand Skills Buildings Equity Names Knowledge Raw materials Retained Patents Competency Earnings Reputation Other financial holdings Trademarks Databases Human Resources Employees are an organisation’s most important resource therefore, planning for and employing the right people to assist in achieving business goals is one of the main roles of the manager. Estimating human resource needs in terms of numbers, skills and abilities, and how to recruit those people are important issues that are need to be considered. In order to plan the staffing requirements the business needs to look ahead and identify the projected activity of the team, any expansion plan
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