Operational Plan For New York

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Operational Plan Operating our business in Albany New York, offers a great 10 year tax free incentive, whereby eliminating income, business, corporate, state, local, sales and property taxes or franchise fees. New York offers 120,000 experts, accessible and affordable operating space, and available infrastructures to help grow the business. Besides being one of the greatest places to work and live, New York has an ever growing diverse and experienced workforce, which is great for acquiring new and fresh ideas. Operating with low energy cost, incentives to help grow our small business, low tax rates for the middle class in 58 years and great opportunities for R&D investments are additional key benefits in the deciding factor to…show more content…
Analyze vulnerabilities that would allow a cyber space criminal to access critical information which is specific data that cyber criminals may use to hamper or harm our client’s online activity. Analyzing vulnerabilities means, we will examine every aspect of security that seeks to protect our client’s information. This can include poorly secured mobile devices, personal email accounts, and financial accounts. Assess the risk to our client’s information or when threats are exploited. Cyber Armors goal in assessing risk will be to analyze the vulnerabilities and identify actions to mitigate each risk and implement and apply counter measures to mitigate the risk factors. Our overall mission of cyber security is to assure the best protection of cyber information and assets. The safety of the world 's children is important to our daily operations and fulfillment of our mission. Cyber Armor will strive to improve our security as well as update and maintain a process that will decrease risk or threats against our users and their computer systems. In addition to applying these five steps, employees will be encouraged to educate themselves on risks, methodologies, and protecting sensitive information critical to helping our clients remain secure while online. There will be established practices and policies, which will require strong passwords and establish appropriate internet guidelines that detail
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