Operational Strategies of the Sherwin-Williams

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The Sherwin-Williams Supply Chain Abstract The purpose of this paper is to describe and critique the supply chain management of the Sherwin-Williams Company. We will focus on areas such as supply chain risks, productivity measurements, the flow of information between suppliers and customers, supply chain alignment with company strategy etc. We will analyze and critique the existing supply chain and make suggestions for future improvements. Finally, we will relate the topics discussed in Lee’s “The Triple-A Supply Chain” back to the Sherwin-Williams Company and its Team 150 goals. Introduction The Sherwin-Williams Company is a paint and coatings manufacturer headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams…show more content…
There was a significant increase in the “repaint segments,” which resulted in a serious shortage of raw materials, such as latex and methyl methacrylate, two main components in home paint and road paint (SWC, 2011c). Mike McConnell, Vice President of Sherwin-Williams’ North American supply chain, contends that 2010 was the most difficult year he’s seen in his career at the company (personal interview, 2011, April 12). During the raw materials shortage, the company was able to go directly to its tier two suppliers, pay a premium for the critical raw materials, and transport them right to their own manufacturing facilities. This allowed the company to bypass several steps of our manufacturers’ distribution model. This put Sherwin-Williams in a unique position and many customers didn’t even notice the critical shortage (McConnell, M., personal interview, 2011, April 12). The recent tsunami in Japan also has impacted Sherwin-Williams supply chain, in particular some exotic automotive coatings. The 3-D effect that’s seen in many automotive paints requires mica and other minerals that are sourced only in Japan. The company has had to change its production schedule to account for the current crisis. It recognizes that customers have a greater demand for unique

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