Operations Management And Its Significance

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Operations Management in Business

Task I

Operations Management and Its Significance
Operations management is the concept commonly considered and used in today’s competitive business organisations (Slack & Chambers, 2010). It includes complex management activities that are involved in organisations’ planning, controlling and other management functions. A few years back, organisations did not realise its significance in the business operations, but now, perception has been changed. Today, companies are more sensible and sensitive towards adopting effective operational management strategies. For instance, businesses are more dependent on the mailing services. Companies’ success is utterly dependent on effective communication. The more
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The second reason is that, organisations can fulfil or best meet their customers’ needs and demand. Operations management concept can be comprehended as a transformation process. In this process, the input transmutes into output. Operations management is significant as it helps the organisations to ameliorate productivity. It helps in measuring employees or managers’ efficiency. The more managers or employees utilises efficiently scarce resources, the more effectively operations of the organisations can be managed (Krajewski & Ritzman, 2010). Ernst and Young is the best example for this; the managers of this company improve their operations by minimising the input cost and boosting output.

Operations Function of Furniture Supplier Company
There are three-core operations functions of the furniture supplier company. These functions are as follows:
The furniture supplier company improves the marketing functions by clearly and concisely communicate organisation’s final product. This company is also involved in the furniture development function. In this, company produces and creates new as well as modified finished products in order to increase and retain customers. The operations function is solely responsible for meeting customer demand for a product via production and delivery of the final product. Furniture Supplier Company performs the same function, which other manufacturing companies perform in order to improve their business operations and to transform or transmute
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