Operations Management At Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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i. Introduction. ii. Business process affected and how they would be affected. iii. Effects on Kudler's supply chain iv. Quality control tools and performance standard needed.
v. Conclusion. vi. References.

Kudler Fine Foods founded by Kathy Kudler in 1998 to provide ingredients needed for gourmet meals in one location. Kathy began the company with one store, which turned a profit in the first year. The company now consists of three stores in different cities of California. The organization and culture at Kudler focuses on the customer and the employees. Based on it success in the business, Kudler intends to contract with local growers of organic produce, and in doing so bypasses the old method of
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Previously, Kudler Purchasing Function receives the sales data from each location at the end of each shift. The sales data is combined, the applicable inventory accounts are credit, and the business rules determine if a purchase order should be submitted.
Now, that Kudler buys directly, they need to have a modify the business rule concerning business order. Produces are seasonal, so in order to have all year long fresh produce, storage methods have to come into play. Failure to develop a fully functioning storage system can lead to a loss in terms of perishable inventory in terms of the produce. The purchasing unit now requires a knowledgeable agriculturist that helps them in their decision-making as far as the produce purchase is concerned. The quantity discount purchases and the number of days since last order no longer applies to the business rules created. The business rules for Kudler include but are not limited to: Quantity of inventory on hand, Quantity discount purchases, Number of days since the last order. (Kudler). Inventory at hand can be looked upon as to that which they now have in their storage that was previously purchased, but the quantity discount purchases given to them previously by their vendors no longer applies that they no but directly. Decisions are made on what merchandise to continue and discontinue selling. (Kudler) The decision-making on this part would be more difficult to make now, that they buy in

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