Operations Management Case Study on Bakery Essay

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This report is a case study about aspects of operations management involved in a bakery. The bakery was founded in 1960s. This is one of the famous bakeries known as Best bake in south of
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et.al(2006, pp.376-378) says that quality is a reliable performance to the customers. Goods and services are produced by an organization to meet customer requirements. A business can always be improved by managing the quality and also knowing how it can be spreaded throughout the business. It has become an important criteria in the business that has developed in the last many years. It has become a responsibility of all managers to see that the quality is implied in the business products. The customer’s perceptions and expectations defines the quality and needs to be understood in the customer point of view. It is difficult to control quality without measuring it. According to Naylor,J (1996, P.399) manufacturing and service organisations are prospered by keeping up the quality and the one who have not kept have suffered in the climate. It is particularly critical to deliver the customer with a expectation of their individual and needs and criteria. Reliability, responsiveness, tangible factors, assurance and empathy are also defined in terms of quality .It is also suggested by Russell and Taylor (2009, pp.53-55) A firm must consider how consumer defines quality as they know and compare to companies that produce better quality products. “The consumer is the most important part of the production line. Quality should be aimed at the needs of the consumer, present and future. To make sure that products and services have the quality they have been designed for, strategy

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