Operations Management Chapter 18 Manual

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ChApter 18 Management of Waiting Lines Teaching Notes Some of the math and calculations can be left out in order to focus more clearly on the concepts of waiting lines. For example, all infinite source problems, including single channel (except constant service time) can be handled using the infinite source queuing table. In the past, queuing presented students with a good bit of computational requirements, and because of that, students frequently lost sight of the underlying concepts. With less emphasis on math of calculations, students can handle individual problems more quickly, allowing an instructor to assign a greater number of homework problems, and hopefully enabling students to enrich their experience with queuing vis a vis a…show more content…
The technology has had a profound impact on analyzing waiting line systems. First of all, through the use of computers and simulation studies, we have been able to quickly analyze the impact of different levels of employment on waiting lines. The sophisticated computer systems have been able to perform what-if analysis and rapidly show the simulated results with different arrival rates and service times. The technology has improved waiting line performance by using computers to improve service time in many different settings and industries. For example, checking out of hotels has become much easier as a result of using automated computerized checkout where the customer can review the computerized checkout sheet provided by a computerized system instead of physically having to go through the front desk. In addition, since many of the service transactions can be performed on-line, the customers do not have to physically visit the service facility, which also improves waiting line performance. Critical Thinking 1. Financial and space constraints may limit management options. Psychological options may be quicker, less costly, and actually improve customer perceptions and satisfaction without actually reducing the waiting time at all. 2. a. (Varied answers.) b. With a service rate of 10/hr., Lq = 3.200 With a service rate of 20/hr., Lq = 0.267 c. Based on
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