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Kudler Fine Foods is a local upscale specialty shop in the San Diego metropolitan area. Kudler provides gourmet foods, beverages and products designed for the gourmet cook at its three stores located in La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas and at reasonable price. The stores are stocked with the very best domestic and imported food available and are divided into the following departments: fresh bakery and pastries, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, condiments and packaged foods and cheese and specialty dairy products. As part of Kudler’s growth strategy to expand its customer base and improve its competitive position, the company has decided to contract with local organic farmers to provide fresh organic produce in its stores. This paper …show more content…
These regulations exist to assure consumers that the organic foods they purchase are produced, processed, and certified to be consistent with organic standards. This is communicated to consumers through labeling which department managers and store managers have to include in their current process. Inventory management would continue to keep the levels of excess inventory to a minimum but would have to ensure the integrity of the organic produce they sell and maintain the current high levels of customer service. The delivery process, trucks and timeframes will have to be adapted to the special requirements for the handling of organic produce. Kathy handles advertising in coordination with her store managers. When advertising organic produce, Kathy and her store managers will need to make sure that the organic products are labeled properly according to the NOP regulations in the stores as well as in the advertising. Additionally, Kudler’s legal department needs to be well versed on the NOP regulations to ensure that Kudler adheres to the requirements to avoid non-compliance.
Supply Chain Providing a steady supply of fresh organic produce is important to maintaining Kudler’s high level of customer service. An inherent risk of a flawed supply chain is food spoilage and out

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