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Introduction (“The purpose of this paper is to….. by ……with recommendations……”) The purpose of this paper is to raise productivity and profitability at the Portland Plant by improving upon performance objectives with recommendations on forecasting methods, process layout, appropriate technology, production approach, inventory approach, and a quality approach with tools to manage, measure, and assess quality.

Operations Strategy and Performance TIMELINE: After being informed by HP of a curling problem with ink-jet paper in 1996, Portland Plant began formulating a new coating for their ink-jet papers. From then until Spring 1998 they were able to curb the curling issues. However in 1997 production speed issues
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Improving efficiency and quality is a concern not only of managers and technical experts but also of all employees. * A clear result of responding to a dynamic environment is that organization change their products and services and changes the way they do business. * Low price is a universal attractive objective to customers, which can be achieved by producing goods at lower costs. (Polar Representation diagram here) Operations Design The Portland Plant used a continuous process and inputs that included transformed and transforming resources. The Plant is a manufacturing company that uses mostly continuous processes. A continuous process operates at a high volume and low variety. The Portland Plant specialized in "precision coated papers for ink-jet printers" (Slack, 2007). This required a "tighter production specification" (Slack, 2007). Which means its processes operate "relatively inflexible and highly predictable" (Slack, Chambers and Johnston, 2010, p. 93). The inputs of the operations at the Portland Plant for Rexam Graphics include materials, customers, facilities, employees, and information (Slack et al., 2010; Slack, 2007). Transformed resources include materials, customers, and information. Materials includes all resources used in producing their products including the paper resources, coating chemicals, etc., which includes the

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