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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Page 2 1. Acme Whistles case study What is the overlap between operations, marketing and product/service development at Acme Whistles? Page 3 2. Oxfam International case study What are the main issues facing Oxfam’s operations managers? Page 4 3. Formule 1 & Mwagusi Safari Lodge 3.1 For each hotel, what is the role of technology and the role of operations Page 6 staff in delivering an appropriate level of service? 3.2 What are the main differences in the operations management challenges Facing the two hotels? Page 7…show more content…
are flown out in short notice. It’s the operations Managers responsibility to ensure that the warehouse is stocked with necessary items; transporters are ready to dispatch items at short notice. The entire logistics operation is critical to ensure effective and timeous relief and supply distribution. oxfam international Assessment, Evaluation and Improvement – had to adopt a systematic approach to evaluating their successes and failures. They conducted real time evaluations to assess and influence emergency response. These exercises provided vital information about the effectiveness of their response and allowed them to make crucial adjustments to their process. Development, Education & Awareness – majority of the people involved in Oxfam’s relief and aid programmed are volunteers. A key component of supplying aid and relief to communities is knowing the background of the people you assisting. Another key area of Oxfam’s operations is ‘Clean Water’, those involved in this programme, need to be well educated regarding water, sanitization and the environmental impacts. formule 1 & mwagusi safari lodge 3.1 What are the role of technology and the role of operations staff in delivering an appropriate level of service for each hotel? Formule 1: Fomule 1 is one the few hotels that operate on two principles not always associated with the hotel industry, “Standardization and Technology”.

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