Operations Management: ISO Certification for Riordan

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ISO Certification for Riordan Slide 1 EMBED PowerPoint.Slide.8 Slide 2 EMBED PowerPoint.Slide.8 The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an internationally recognized organization which creates and documents specific standards for different processes and industries and for firms which apply, the organization will assess the performance of the company and grant certification where the firm is compliant with the published standard (ISO, 2013). Currently more than 19,500 different standards are published, so it is likely for any firm. Such as Riordan, there are a number of ISO's which they may consider. Slide 3 EMBED PowerPoint.Slide.8 If a firm wishes to increase quality or overcome operational problems they may undertake this strategy using ISO documents, as they will layout the standards that are required, and can include technical requirements and guidance on the optimising of operational efficiency. The process of working towards an ISO will involve choosing the relevant standard and then assessing the current performance against that standard to identify shortfalls. This is one of the first stages in almost all quality improvement processes (Mintzberg et al., 2008). It is notable that when a firm starts to work towards an ISO, the process of improvement begins, and quality is likely to improve before the applications for certification, and even if certifications not gained, there may be significant improvements. Slide 4 EMBED

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