Operations Management: ISO Implementations for Riordan Manufacturing

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ISO Implementations for Riordan If Riordan Manufacturing is looking at acquiring ISO certification, the first consideration may be to determine which standard, or standards, may be relevant. For most firms there will be more than a single potential standard, the question will be to determine which would help the firm optimize its market position and support the business. Riordan are manufacturing fans, this is an area in which there are a number of standards; for example, ISO 5136:2003 deals with the noise created by fans radiating acoustics through ducts, ISO 13347-2: 2004, ISO 13347-3; 2004 and ISO 13347-4; 2004 all deal with the fan sound levels, each using a different testing approach (ISO, 2013). ISO 14694: 2003 and ISO 14695: 2003 deal with vibrations, ISO 5801: 2007 deals with performance levels and ISO 13348: 2007 concerns tolerances and data presentation for fans (ISO, 2013). There are many more ISO's that may be considered, the real issue for Riordan is to choose that which is most appropriate for their long terms goals. The assessment and compliance with the different quality measures may help to increase the credibility and desirability of the firm to their customers, as the attainment of ISO's are a reassurance (Hoyle, 2009). Where there are many ISO's which apply to the technical aspects of the fans, one standard which has become increasing popular and has the potential to improve the internal operations at Riordan, increase value and support the position

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