Operations Management: Improving McDonald's Burger Assembly Process

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Improving a Burger Assembly Process Slide 1 The process of assembling a toasted sandwich was assessed for McDonalds, using a paten they had sought to register. The process starts with the customer placing an order, the second stage being a check to see there are any heated bread products ready. The process has a number of short but simple stages following this, which need to be efficient in order for McDonalds to meet their operational targets serving customers in a rapid manner with good quality sandwiches. No process is ever likely to be perfect; therefore it is worth re-examination to identify potential improvements. Slide 2 When examining the current process to identify potential improvements, the first stage is to assess whether or not the employees are compliant with the existing system. If there is some non-compliance, then assess where it is occurring and why it is occurring (Slack et al., 2009). The noncompliance may give clues on where and how improvements may be made; it is even possible employees may have improved the system informally. The next stage is to look at how the process may be improved. This may include using a time and motion study to look at the way the different components or actions fit together and identifying any steps which are duplicated, redundant, create a waste (including wasted movement or labor) or may be improved (Slack et al., 2009). Slide 3 Examining the process, looking specifically at the preparation of a hamburger or

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