Operations Management Non Profit Organization

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Question 1: provide a definition/ description of strategic planning process, addressing the critical issues/questions the process takes into account. Answers (a) Strategic planning process is an organization’s process, which is designed to identify a long-term goal or direction to develop the organization, and put into practice. Strategic planning guides conversations about an organization’s purpose, helps integrate perspectives from multiple stakeholders, and provides the steps to develop goals and objectives that will move the organization’s forward. (b) The specific issues would be various due to different standards and analysis techniques which applied to strategic planning. However, generally it is critical to cover these aspects…show more content…
Answers a) Roles of Nonprofit Board and the Executives Nonprofit board The nonprofit board has multiple roles and responsibilities. The most common and fundamental of these are the legal and fiduciary duties that apply to essentially all governing boards. Legal duties of board The board of directors is the primary group of people entrusted with and accountable for leadership and governance of the nonprofit corporation, which is authorized by a state to be formed for the purpose of engaging in some form of public service. A nonprofit board and its members have three fundamental duties: Duty of care Duty of loyalty Duty of obedience The fiduciary responsibility of boards Fiduciary responsibility is the responsibility to treat the resources of the organization as a trust, and the responsible board will ensure that these resources are utilized in a reasonable, appropriate, and legally accountable manner. In general, the appropriate exercise of fiduciary responsibility includes Adoption of a set of policies to govern the acquisition and use of financial and other resources Establishment, on a regular basis (usually annual), of a budget that allocates financial resources to the programs and activities that will accomplish the organization’s mission, vision, and goals and outcomes(preferably, in alignment with a strategic
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