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Operations management is the organizing and controlling of the fundamental business activity of providing goods and services to customers (Encarta, 2005). Depending on the type of industry will determine the type of operations management will be focussing on providing a service or products. An organization has three basic functions, such as: finance, marketing, and operations. Since the operations is one of the three basic functions of an organization it has a large impact in industries that provide services. This paper will explain what operations management means, and why is operations management important to organizations. I will then go over product and service design, life cycle assessment, and how to maintain and increase products and services. The purpose of this process is to ensure satisfaction to customers as efficiently as possible.

Macy’s Operations

One of the largest department stores in the nation and top channel retailer is Macy’s. A large reason for Macy’s success is because they base their needs on the consumer experience. In 2012 Macy’s generated sales topping charts of over $27.7 billion. With over 840 stores in the United States Macy’s is also in the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. They provide products such as clothing, shoes, furniture, accessories, cosmetics, houseware and many more. The wide range of products and service that Macy’s offers gives them a marketing brand that extends to all types of backgrounds from

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