Operations Management

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Operations Management Project
Ashwin Nandakumar, Mishel Chakkalakal,, Mithun Chacko and Shalwin D’souza
Prof. Dr. Kaup Mohammed
Operations Management
Madonna University

March 2011

Table of Content

Pret A Manger – by Mithun Chacko 3

Acme Whistles vs. Pret A Manger – by Mithun Chacko 5

Touchwood & Subway Vs. IKEA & Pret A Manger – by Shalwin D’souza 6

Chilis McDonald’s & Baskin Robbins – by Mishel Chakkalakal 9

McDonald’s Newspaper Review – by Ashwin Nandakumar 13

Pret A Manger – by Mithun Chacko

1) Read the short case on Pret A Manger and (a) identify the process in a typical Pret A Manger Shop together with their inputs and
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For trading floors or large groups, Pret offers a bagged lunch service. Pret assembles orders for individual lunches using special bags and personalized stickers. They also deliver to a designated spot in your office every morning using a bespoke trolley.

(c) Central Kitchen – Advantage or Disadvantage?
As far as our knowledge goes, Pret is currently not considering centralizing their production by starting a centralized kitchen. Also unlike many other fast food outlets, Pret refuses to franchise. This is because Pret believes in offering food which is free from obscure chemicals, preservatives and additives that are common ingredients of the popular 'fast' food available in the market today. The general concept of a central kitchen is that, food is prepared centrally in a different location and following production, the food is transported to individual services sites where they are sold. One main advantage of having a central kitchen is that it reduces the investment that has to be incurred as compared to setting up a kitchen in each service site. However, the disadvantage is that food transport and the associated increased holding time carries a higher micro-biological health risk than production at individual site kitchens. In our opinion, Pret believes that a central kitchen would be a disadvantage to them considering the fact that they market themselves as a seller of healthy food with

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