Operations Management Paper

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MGT5203 Assignment 1 - Contributions to the Field of Management
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Operations Management
June 13, 2011

MGT5203 Assignment 1 - Contributions to the Field of Management
What is operations management?
Operations management is the management of processes that create goods and/or services which is the core to any business. (Stevenson, 2012) Operations involves leading within several operational duties such as: service design, process selection, selection and management of technology, design of work systems, location planning, facilities planning, and quality improvement. There are many activities that should be a focus for Operations Managers and can help ensure process and productivity and
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Tools and parts were standardized to allow for those efficiencies and price reduction. Frederick Winslow Taylor, efficiency engineer, began this movement and is known as the “father of scientific management”. (Stevenson, 2012) Taylor reviewed work methods to find the best overall method to complete the job at hand and works to maximize outputs. The Scientific Management era also included pioneers: Frank Gilbreth, Henry Gantt, Harrington Emerson, and Henry Ford. Most of us have heard about Henry Ford and his invention of mass production facilities that allow for higher production for standardized goods. (Stevenson, 2012) Interchangeable parts and the idea of division of labor allowed for lower paid workers to handle simplified tasks with little to no skills needed. Both Taylor and Ford were reviled by workers for caring more about the overall productivity than the employees that handle said products.
The Human Relations movement was brought about due to the Scientific Management era that showed little to no concern for the workers. Now, there was a focus on the human element within the job responsibilities. Lillian Gilbreth, wife of Frank Gilbreth, was a psychologist and focused on the human aspect as her husband focused on the production line. She began work studies showing a high amount of worker fatigue which led to a focus on employee motivation. Elton Mayo proved through a study the importance of
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