Operations Management : Production Management

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Operations management is the art of knowledge that ensures that services and goods are produced and distributed successfully to customers. Operations management key objective is maximize efficiency while producing and effectively fulfilling customer needs. In this novel the operations management team is struggling to make this plant a profitable plant so it will not be shut down. Alex is wondering why is that he cannot produce quality products and respond to customer needs at a faster pace considerably on time and better than competition cost. Any actions taken place towards the goal itself is considered productive and anything reverse of that situation is not considered productive at all. There are multiple operations management concepts that will be introduced here to lead to a successfully ran plant such as operation strategies itself, product design and process selection, quality management, just in time and lean systems, capacity planning and facility layout and inventory.
First we start off with productivity/efficiency which is meaningless unless you know exactly what your goal is. Efficiency is the amount of input to produce a given output. With less input required lower cost and waste. Productivity is the act of bringing a company closer to its goal. Speculating if the goal here is cost effective, if their hiring good people, if their manufacturing quality products and maintaining customer satisfaction/needs the goal of making money is based on productivity and if…
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