Operations Management Schroeder Chapters 1-3

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CHAPTER 1 Question #2 What is the difference between the terms "production management" and "operations management"? Production management deals primarily with the manufacture of goods, whereas operations management encompasses the production of not only goods, but services as well. Question #3 How does the function of an operations manager differ from the function of a marketing manager or a finance manager? The operations manager's function is to create the supply of goods, whereas the marketing manager's function is to create the demand for goods, and the finance manager's role is to secure and allocate the capital necessary to produce the goods. How are these functions similar? Decisions made by all three managers affect all…show more content…
c. A small manufacturing firm Purpose - to provide quality goods to the consumer at the lowest possible cost to the manufacturer Products - physical goods along with the services necessary to support those goods Process - decide what type of industrial equipment will be needed to support manufacturing; determine how large of a facility will be needed to house the production line and administrative support offices; determine the process by which the goods will be designed, manufactured, packaged, marketed, and supported; determine what each member of the staff will be responsible for and how and by whom their performance will be evaluated Quality - create a quality control process to detect and reduce defects; ensure that employees maintain a friendly demeanor with customers during all levels of the sales and support processes Capacity - staffing levels, material inventory, and equipment availability will determine the quantity of goods that the facility is able to produce over a given period of time Inventory - consumer demand for finished goods will determine the levels of raw

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