Operations Management at Fedex

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1. Introduction 4 2. Background 6 3. Literature Review 7 3.1. Capacity Planning 7 3.2. Employee Motivation 8 3.3. Facilities location 9 3.4. Scheduling 11 3.5. Quality Assurance 12 5. Questionnaire Analysis 13 6. Conclusion 14 7. Recommendations 15 8. References 16 Appendix A: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY FOR FEDEX 17 Appendix B: Customer Survey Results 18

1. Introduction

Figure 1: Regional Head Quarters of FedEx
Figure 2: FedEx Corporate Logo; courtesy www.fedex.com
FedEx Corporation, situated in US, is one of the leading supply chain management solution providers in the world. With annual revenues as high as USD33 billion, the company offers incorporated business
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The company incorporated in June 1971 and officially began operations on April 17, 1973, with the launch of 14 small aircraft from Memphis International Airport. It soon became the premier carrier of high-priority goods in the marketplace and the standard setter for the industry it established.
With the air cargo deregulations in 1977, the company was able to use larger aircrafts like Boeing 727s to further improve their operational efficiency and performance, leading to rapid growth of the company. By 1980, it had established its position in the industry and had a growth rate of 40% and became the first company to reach the USD 1 billion revenue-mark within 10 years of inception. Following international acquisitions in 1984, Federal Express started its operations in Europe & Asia. In 1994, Federal Express official adopted ‘FedEx’ as its primary brand and became a symbol of overnight parcel delivery services.
As the acquisitions grew and FedEx diversified its operations, FedEx Corporation was formed in January 1998, after the acquisition of Caliber system Inc. The subsidiary companies of the acquired Caliber Systems and Federal Express composed the original FDX Corp, which was later renamed to FedEx Corp. Today 's FedEx is led by FedEx Corporation, which provides strategic direction and consolidated financial reporting for the operating companies that compete collectively under the FedEx name
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