Operations Management for Mcdonald

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Operations Management Pre course assignment

Intake: BSc14L
Student Name: Wu Linlin
Student Number: 10287698
Lecturer: Professor Brian Fynes & Dr. Chang Chen Sheng
Date of Submission: 21 February 2012

For the fast food chains, it is no doubt that McDonald 's is successful in the world. It is known to all from children to elder. This is closely relevant to organization operation that produces food and services. Operation plays an important part in developing organization. In this paper, it provides McDonald 's operation features and benefits which contribute to competitive advantages through operation
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In fact, no matter how economic situation change, there is a new time trend is formidable that is electronic age. Organization in order to suit the condition, it seems they will be listed it in the future of one of the major strategies. Although McDonald 's is a traditional industry, planning of the construction of the Internet is absolutely necessary, or other firms in the same industry may threaten to it. MingYuan Li emphasized that McDonald 's did not construction network communication system in the Internet development initial period, the major reason is even if the network communication system began to operate McDonald 's, for the entire value system of McDonald 's, McDonald 's still do not reveal timely, positive benefits in the internal communication, education and training. Even in and enterprise supply system interaction, or communicate with customers, it also cannot achieve requirements of high quality performance of McDonald 's brand, so McDonald 's did not have a decision to invest. But now, McDonald 's was combined with Yahoo establish the website in order to solve the problem of large logistics management, that is to provide information system access for its staff, chain stores and suppliers in all over the world. This website cover 120 countries, and at the same time when customers into the website, they can check every country and every outlets. In conclusion, the success of McDonald
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