Operations Management in Hotels

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SERVICE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT IN HOTELS-AN APPROACH TOWARDS QUALITY AND COMPETITIVENESS Introduction There is a growing body of literature that examines the impact that operations management has on the expectations and perceptions of customers as preliminary stages for creating customer loyalty (Armstrong et al, 1997, Johnston, 1999, Becker and Murrmann, 1999, Brady et al, 2001, Hope and Potter, 2006, and Hill, 2005). Therefore, the main purpose of this research project is to introduce the concept of operations management in the service sector, discuss the meaning and driving forces of competitiveness in this sector, and report the findings of the operations management practices of ROTANA hotel situated in Al Ain , UAE. The project…show more content…
After that production, they would likely engage in other work activities. As merchants saw their markets grow, they were discouraged by the fact that they could not get consistent amounts of goods from the cottage industry. They therefore centralized production by building factories and removing women and children from the farm so they would not be distracted from textile production. This allowed much greater control over workers and production, a development that was soon to be lamented by those who saw the development of mass production factories as essentially exploitive of the poorest laborers. Major events The following events are considered milestones in the development of modern production techniques: • Industrial Revolution—a period of great invention o Invention of the steam engine (James Watt) – substituted machine power for human and animal power in production. o Availability of coal and iron in "The New World"—allowed massive consumption of raw materials by growing populations. o Capitalism defined in Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (1776) -- recognized division of labor and specialization as a means to efficiency and an impetus for invention of specialized machinery o Interchangeable parts (Eli Whitney) -- allowed the production of standardized products;

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