Operations Management of Nokia

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Introduction ‡ Pijush Kumer Ghosh (EX020016) Operations Management Decisions ‡ Ashfaq ²Us Saleheen (EX020012) Quality Management & Supply Chain Management ‡ Md. Mofizul Islam (Ex020015) Location Design, Layout Design, Scheduling &Inventory Management ‡ Md. Firoz Uddin (EX020016) Term used to describe all the activities managers do to help their firms create goods and service € Converting resources into goods and services € Product creation, development, production, distribution, managing purchases, inventory control, quality control, storage, logistics and evaluations € € € A great deal of focus is on effectiveness & efficiency of processes Substantial measurement and analysis of internal processes in order to become…show more content…
‡ The environmental requirements comprise the demand of environmental management system (EMS) and compliance with Nokia·s standards for materials and waste management. ‡ Whereas the managerial requirement imposes the corporate governance driven by conduct policy, such as a code of conduct, defining the standards of performance of the company in all their aspects. Giving support to the suppliers, training ‡ Nokia offers their potential suppliers its support in meeting the Nokia Supplier Requirements Monitoring ‡ Having once selected the supplier, Nokia carries out systematic assessments of the suppliers performance to ensure compliance with the Nokia Supplier Requirements Look at supply chain issues from an industry perspective ‡ Despite being the leader on the market, Nokia keeps close cooperation with other entities on the market, working together on to improve their operations. In 2004 Nokia joined the Global e-Sustainability Initiative Supply Chain working group. The aim of this group is to promote good conduct and develop tools, management practices, processes, and systems to assist members in dealing with supply chain issues Substance management ‡ Nokia requires that all components and parts supplied to us are compliant with the Nokia Substance List, which identifies substances that Nokia has banned, restricted, or targeted for reduction with the aim of phasing out their use in Nokia products. Suppliers are required to have a record of the raw
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