Operations Pl Enterprise Strategy And The Enterprise

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CHAPTER 8 OPERATIONS PLAN: ENTERPRISE STRATEGY AND THE ENTERPRISE Delivery System Shipment is at most, two (2) days for Metro Manila orders and three (3) days for areas outside Metro Manila. Shipping fee is 90 Pesos for Metro Manila orders; 170 Pesos for areas outside Metro Manila. The shipment is through Xend. Value Chain The company add value in the following stages such us input of supply(in bound logistics), production, trading (outbound logistics), marketing and sales and services. In the stage of input supply: purchasing of raw materials, storing of raw materials and other inventories, request processing for orders to the manufacturing, sending raw materials to manufacturer and production research and development was made in…show more content…
2.5 Upon placement of order, orders are prepared for check-out. 2.6 The items released by the supplier are check to guaranty the quantity, quality and right item was placed and then proceed to check-out. 2.7 A sales invoice will be issued by the supplier as a written record of transaction. Warranties 3.1 Goods and materials are exclusive of warranty 3.2 Invoice will be used for returned items, with the absence of the invoice the supplier will be unable to replace the defect item. Delivery 4.1 Items are pick-up base only. Price 5.1 The price of goods are verified on purchased order. 5.2 For bulk orders, incremental charges are removed. 5.3 Value Added Tax, are shown separately on all invoices as nett extra charge. Accounts Payable Policy for each Supplier The Company, M-Series will make payments for the company’s bills, invoices, accounts payable and other obligations that are legitimate, authorized and accurate. The vendor’s invoice should include procedures and policy of payment. The invoice should reflect: • The company order • Items received by the company • Proper and accurate unit cost, calculations, totals, etc. Operations Flows Overall Production Stages Flow Chart Marketing: Process Flow Production: Process Flow Inventory: Process Flow Location E-commerce is one of our selling platform to capture a wide variety of customers

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