Operations Planning For A Group Medical Practice

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Operations Planning for a Group Medical Practice Name Course Date Tutor Operations Planning for a Group Medical Practice Internal and external elements of financial benchmarking Management practice and theory for a long time have created a link between performance measures that are effective and effective means of administration. The specific effectiveness of any performance measure would be dependent on the way that it is going to be used. For the performance measures to have meaning and provide adequate information, it would be necessary for one to make a comparison. These comparisons can then evaluate the progress which comes available with the achievement of provided targets or goals as well as, the assessment of trends in performance over the course of time or weigh the performance of a company. Performance measures which are utilized as tools for management have to be broadened in order to include input and measures of process. The balanced scorecard for example is one approach which would assess a company and its programs from different perspectives that include the client, process, employee and finance departments (Poister, 2003). This is a scorecard which would create a holistic model of the strategy which would allow every worker to see the way it contributes to company success. Benchmarking can either be internal or external. In the instance that it is internal company’s benchmark against their projects. When it is done externally, the same firms
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