Operations Processes And The Operations Process

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Operations processes refers to the acquisition of inputs which are transformed in a business through the addition of value into outputs of goods and services. Businesses use operational processes involving inputs and transformation processes to increase efficiency and output. The operations management focuses on carefully and managing processes to produce and distribute products and services based on the nature of the business. To achieve objectives in a business, the quality of products are monitored regularly using customer services and warranties. Both Qantas and McDonalds, utilise operation process in order to gain maximum efficiency and productivity. Operation processes involves inputs which act as the core of businesses providing greater utility to customers through the addition of value. Businesses use a combination of transformed resources such as materials, customers and information. Materials are the basic elements used in the production process and are sourced from the supply chain which are divided into raw and intermediate materials. In Australia, McDonalds uses locally sourced materials such as beef from Australian farmers to produce over 400 million hamburgers. Large businesses such as McDonald’s requires efficiency in production, hence, a specialist material manager is recruited to control the flow of resources from the initial purchasing stage to final distribution. Customers become transformed resources when their desires and preferences shape inputs
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