Operations & Service Management - a Study of Medi-Call Call Centres

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This report was commissioned to examine the number of calls to the Medi – Call Personal Alarms Systems LTD call centre and how the management implement certain capacity strategies in order to distribute call times whether it be an emergency, technical or a reassurance call from the customer. This is viewed over a twelve-hour shift and highlights the problems where the call centre is over capacity or under capacity.

The case study looks at the problems with the current operations and service management within Medi–Call call centres. Within this report the main problems will be identified, for example – the amount of time that could be saved from each call from the customer (for more the more important emergency
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By looking at the table and the graph (appendices 3 and 4) we can see during the times the call centre is working at over capacity there are far higher numbers of technical calls and reassurance calls, than when they are under capacity. For an average technical call takes six minutes and for a reassurance call take seven minutes including administration time. For example looking at the typical morning in the Medi-Call call centre there is 763 minutes of call time wasted on reassurance calls alone; not to mention the time wasted on technical calls as well. Due to the severeity of the line of work Medi-Call deals with (peoples lives) it is crucial to find new ways to free up more time for the more important emergency calls; this will be discussed later in the report. They must rearrange how they operate in order to focus solely on the emergency calls and rearrange how the deal with the technical and reassurance calls and also make use of the time when they are under capacity – see appendices 3 and 4.

By having the staff of Medi-Call working at well over their capacity can create a number of problems for themselves and the customers. Putting the staff into the coping zone on a regular basis can have a number of effects on the service Medi-Call provides; for example - a sub standard service to the customer resulting in a loss of customers due to a bad
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