Operations of Airlines

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“The world commercial airline industry is one of the most diverse, dynamic and perplexing in the world ” (Globale Airline Industry Program). The airports are exceptionally complex facilities and highly renowned for the variety of services and resources it provides to both the airlines and its users. Airlines and airports are inextricably intertwined together and none of them can survive without the other. The aviation industry is growing at an exponential rate. The demands for an effective and efficient ground handling system became the fundamental standards in successful aircraft operation and increase in airline image. The directives adopted by the 15 member states are divided into three general models, US, EU and third party models. In…show more content…
Introduction of decentralised airports reduced walking distance from one terminal to another. Even to a point where passengers who opted to fly in one individual carrier didn’t have to walk miles and miles to get to their carriers terminal. For example Dallas-fort Worth international airport consists of five terminals each offer their own parking areas and a short distance walk from the car park to the terminal. On the marketing side the aviation industry became more and more competitive. Airlines fare prices have risen and declined. Carriers adopted strategic approaches to out compete with other airlines by introducing low cost carriers as well as maintaining their full service carriers. Not only airlines opted new strategies in making profit airports as well started to increase their revenues by charging aircraft parking fees, landing fees, air traffic charges, handling services and fuel taxes to the airlines to make up payments for infrastructure costs and other internal services costs. Safety record and providing top quality services to passenger and airlines establishes the basis of well operated airport system.

Airports are regarded one of the most prominent facilities in the world, thus any terrorist attacks would deal unspeakable damages to the country and lose of citizens lives. Governments rely heavily on airport generating tourist revenues, if any vicious attacks
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