Operations of Goodwill Industries International

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Our analysis indicated that the huge gap or disparity between CEO and average employee pay resulted in low motivation among the workers.The paper explores the theoretical underpinnings of employee motivation as well as ways of improving employee motivation. Transformational leadership and employee reward systems prove to be some of the best ways of improving employee motivation and organizational performance.
Organization's profile
Goodwill Industries International is an independent, not-for-profit organizations that provides employment placement services, job training as well as other community-based programs for individuals who are disabled, lack education or any job experience or face employment challenges. The organization is funded by a large network of retail thrift stores that operates as nonprofits.
The company operates a large network of a hundred and sixty five (165) community-based organizations in the United States, Canada as well as fourteen other countries. The company has in the past collectively earned an excess of $4billion and used close to 82% of that revenue in the…
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