Operations strategy at Galanz

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Operations strategy at Galanz
Operations Management

1. Rank the importance if Galanz’s operations objective of cost, quality, flexibility, delivery, service and innovations. How has the importance changed over the years?

The order winners and order qualifiers for the business in the early stages of was the same – price/cost. This competitive characteristic is what caused the customers to choose the companies good and services over those of our competitors along with making Galanz a viable competitor
In the initial years Galanz concentrated OEM and then shifted towards ODM and OBM
The focus has changed from Cost to service and towards innovation
We believed that by delivering and attracting the masses with new time saving ways of
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3. Should Galanz develop its OBM business in International Market? Should Galanz continue its OEM and ODM business?
OBM in International Market the OBM business returns higher profit margins and therefore should be continued and developed in the international market. There are associated risks that have been identified in doing this such as:
Potential issues with forecasting
A wider range of models with lower volume production runs
High overheads
Risk of being seen to compete with OEM customers
Being the largest microwave manufacturer in the world, with strong commitment to R&D, expertise in manufacturing, logistics and quality control, and increased brand recognition in the overseas market Galanz has gained the competitive advantages for OBM export business. Galanz’s need continue to increase investments in innovation and branding in order to sustain the competitive advantage in the global markets and ensure that incremental gains are made to ensure profitability
Galanz continues to gain market share in the International market (from 35% in 2001to 44.5% in 2003) but this growth has also brought on a greater degree of risk due to the increased complexity created by an increased product line and the need to provide a more complete after-sales service to OBM customers in order to protect its brand.
Galanz will need to invest heavily into marketing and creating an effective internal sales forecasting system in order to protect its

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