Opiate Dependency

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Opiate Dependency vs. Opiate Addiction

Today the recent growth of prescription opioid painkillers has made opiate use far more domesticated and widespread than ever before. Even though heroin use has declined, the use of prescription opiates has increased. The use of prescription opiates for people who are dependent on the drugs for pain reduction has lead to an increase in abuse. When a family member or friend begins taking the drugs, not because they need them, but because they want to feeling, it becomes an addiction. Even though an addict is dependent on opiates, a person who is opiate-dependent is different because of the psychological, physical, and financial effects. An addict has very different psychological behaviors,
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An opiate-dependent person does not have the inability to think clearly and adapt easily into a life without the opiates. When an addict is presented with the challenge of stopping the use of opiates, the brain needs it more than ever before. Even long after the withdrawal symptoms are gone; an addict must deal with post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). The syndrome lasts from six to eighteen months after the last use. It has importance to the recovering addict’s ability to benefit from recovery, treatment, function effectively on the job, interact with family and friends, and regain emotional health. When a person becomes an addict or even dependent for a prolonged period of time, treatment is necessary. Though there are a variety of different ways that each person can be treated. Usually a person who is dependent is gradually taken off the opiates, by a process known as dose reduction. Subsequently a dependent person may also have some type of therapy to help alleviate the pain at the same time as the dose reduction. On the other hand for an addict, things are different because they must stop using the opiates all together. Today there are many medications such as methadone, suboxone, or subutex that doctors use to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Similarly the process of dose reduction is used in this case as well. Most addicts must also enter a program like in-patient or intensive out-patient rehab, where they must learn to cope with problems
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