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Recently a trade between the Arizona Coyotes and the New York Rangers has taken place, exchanging center Derek Stepan and goaltender Antti Raanta of the Rangers for defenseman Anthony Deangelo and a first round pick, number seven in the 2017 Draft. I felt the overwhelming dread I felt every year, after a trade, and felt especially upset after Stepan, one of my favorite players, was no longer part of the team I held close to my heart. Still, I understood the exchange and felt excitement, leading up to the draft that was in only a few hours, and with becoming familiar with the newest member of the Rangers, Deangelo. I started following him on social media, and slowly discovered some of the posts he had uploaded to his page. The first one I…show more content…
Subban, who took part in a lopsided deal for a player of the same caliber, but older with a worse contract. Auston Matthews, a Mexican American player, is described by the media to the Leafs fan base in a way that not only expresses him to be a Canadian player, but more specifically a White Canadian. Just by observing the three actions, along with the more nebulous examples, such as the manner that some NHL fans discuss the NBA with dogwhistles and coded language, contribute to the sport as unwelcoming and moreover, unwelcoming by design. But the NBA, unlike the NHL, has shown a deep understanding of the issue of racism. They touched on the controversial topic of police brutality by interviewing four of the NBA’s most prominent players, one of them being LeBron James, an arguable candidate for the best player of all time. The latter delivered a stirring, eloquent speech, about police brutality in America, and the specific manner in which, to quote directly “black and brown bodies” are targeted by the police. James’ public speech is one that understands the manner in which white privilege and supremacy brutalizes bodies that are deemed to be outside of whiteness, and the way in which police power relies upon this brutalization at a basic level. From their inception, police have been specifically used not to protect, but to maintain an order of law with the threat of violence or incarceration. Though I did not mention Deangelo while touching on the

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