Opinion Mining in Hindi has Emerged as a New Area of Research

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Opinions are very important in the life of human beings. Whenever a decision has been taken, opinions of others are always considered. As the impact of the web is increasing day by day, web documents can be seen as a new source of opinion for human beings. Large amount of information is available on the web, so it is necessary to develop methods that automatically analyze and classify this information. This domain is called Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining. Opinion Mining or Sentiment Analysis is the mining of attitudes, opinions, and emotions automatically from text, speech, and database sources through Natural Language Processing (NLP).But, from the last few years, there is an enormous increase in web content in Hindi language. Research in opinion mining mostly carried out in English language but it is very important to perform the opinion mining in Hindi language also as large amount of information in Hindi is also available on the web. This survey paper gives an overview of the work that has been performed in the area of Hindi language. KEYWORDS Opinion Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Reviews, Hindi Language WordNet. 1. INTRODUCTION Sentiment analysis or opinion mining is an emerging area of research, because, the impact of the web is increasing at a very fast rate, now most of the people would like to share their opinions, feelings and experiences on the web.. Now people commonly use blogs, forums, e-news, reviews channels and the social networking platforms such as

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