Opinion On Overdosing

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Overdosing on alcohol and drugs would be my biggest concern. Overdosing on these two could lead to death for some. Which is why this is my biggest concern. 2. List at least three examples of prevention strategies/policies you see on your campus and in your community. Discuss how effective you believe each of these tactics to be, and reference the prevention strategies explained in the course lesson Societal Influence to support your positions. (3pts) First Example Reminding them about the danger of drinking and doing drugs. My Community Advisor always reminds us about why we shouldn’t drink and do drugs in our dorm. She would tell us about the danger and consequence of doing it. This is similar to the pharmacology approach. Second Example Some colleges follows the state rules about If you’re not over 21, you cannot legally drink any…show more content…
Although it mentioned in the lecture that by learning more about, it doesn’t decrease the use of it. I think that this tactic is still better than not having any knowledge on it. These classes also included how to get help for anyone who overdose on drugs or alcohol. Which is great to have if you hang out with people who drink a lot. 3. What suggestions do you have for college presidents, student affairs personnel, and educators? Think creatively and share your ideas. You are not limited to the strategies discussed within the lessons. Identify at least 3 different strategies that you think might be the most effective for alcohol and other drug abuse prevention on campuses (not just for the issue you identified above). Be creative! (2pt each=6pts total)  Your ideas might involve education, environmental changes, legal sanctions, policy changes, or something else.  Consider facts that you know, information you’ve learned in this course, and experiences of your own and those around
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