Opinion On Telstra Advertising Campaign

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Opinion on Telstra Advertising Campaign.
From the literature, Telstra has been a long term sponsor of the Australian Olympics team but currently it is not the sponsor of the team. The issue is that Telstra has been using the advertising campaign ‘I go to Rio’ and have a similar advert stating they are ‘Official Technology Partner of Seven’s Olympic Games Coverage’. This is contrary to the real situation since the team had a different telecommunications partner during the Rio 2016 Olympics. The Australian Olympics team was sponsored by Optus which is the Official telecommunications partner of the team as stated by the literature (Toscano, 2016).
In fact the adverts on Channel Seven clearly stated that Telstra was the ‘official technology partner’ and featured an advert having the current description ‘I go to Rio’ by Peter Allen. Immediately Australian Olympics Committee raised a concern over the illegality of Telstra’s advertising campaign, they modified the advert. In reiteration, the Telstra’s spokesman claimed they had created an app that updates the events in the Rio Olympics and they wanted their customers to get accessibility freely to the exclusive content of the application offered. The spokesperson stated that the promotions reflected the viable partnership together with the Seven Network.
From the presentation of the Facts, Telstra has breached the law. They are not the official telecommunication partners of the official technology partners but they are using the…

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