Opinions on Healthcare Plans-Democrats vs. Republicans

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On March 23, 2010 Obama signed off on the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act also known as ObamaCare. President Obama has been moving forward with this program to help create affordable healthcare for U.S. citizens (especially those in poverty). Our country has mainly two political parties; their beliefs are on completely different sides of the political spectrum. These parties do not share the same view on government involvement in the citizen’s lives; one example being public programs such as healthcare plans. Due to the increase of public programs taxes must be increased and the Republican side is unhappy. Our constitution was created in 1787 by the thirteen colonies to declare American as a democratic nation and to create a balance in the federal budget. Since Abraham Lincoln was sworn into office about 38% of our presidents have been Democrats and the other 62% were Republicans. Republicans and Democrats have been disputing for years over the role that the U.S. government plays in the citizen’s lives. Obama’s healthcare plan provides affordable health insurance for all US citizens but might affect your private insurance if you already have one. His plan is to help those who are in poverty and mainly those below poverty level. His program ensures that sick people will not be dropped from their insurance and there will be no discrimination whatsoever. This healthcare is aimed to improve the healthcare for those who cannot afford private healthcare or
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