Opinions on the Civil War

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OPINIONS ON THE CIVIL WAR. The northern and southern parts of the Unites States of America were politically, economically and culturally very different from one another. The people of the northern and southern colonies came to the new world for very different reasons and as time went on their differences grew. The differences between them originally divided their opinions on the civil war and who the people gave loyalty. THE PEOPLE IN THE SOUTH’S OPINION ON THE WAR . The question to ask one’s self is how a country suddenly can be divided into two parts? What triggered the people to create a separate nation? That is exactly what happened in the mid1800s in the United States. Most people in the south…show more content…
Throughout this research I have noticed that the most frequently talked about the subject concerning the civil war is mostly about the slaves, fighters in the war, and leaders of each opposition party and the military issues of the war. The group of people who have actually been excluded is the male citizens who refused to fight in the war in the southern states. The male citizens who refused in the war were mostly disabled ones. This was because the southern states had no military and they had to recruit soldiers immediately which included almost all the working and not disabled male citizens (slaves did not count). The women were not really included in the actual civil war but they fought the war in their own way which was fortunately recognized after the war. It was the first time in American history that women played a significant role in a war effort. Whether they were appreciated or not appreciated their opinions on the war still counted ROSE O’NEAL GREENHOW. Her real name was Maria Rosetta O’Neal. When women are mentioned on the topic of civil war her name is always brought up. She served the confederate government by acting as a spy. She did it selflessly that even when she was put in prison she still sent secret messages. Among her accomplishments was the secret message she sent to General Pierre G. T Beauregard which ultimately caused him to win
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