Opinions on the Use of Marijuana Essay

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Opinions on the Use of Marijuana

Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the world today. Is marijuana as dangerous as it is made out to be. A large variety of different people have many different opinions depending on their professions. Many doctors disagree with each other and the subject is one of their most controversial topics. Also marijuana as an illegal drug is more wide spread in the U.S. today than it ever has been before. Therefore it is becoming a large problem for law enforcement and many other governmental groups in the U.S. today.

Marijuana has been in our society for many years. It is not exactly known when the drug first came into perspective in this nation. During the 1960’s is when this drug became widely
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These reasons are closely related to the abuse of marijuana. A lot of the reasons are closely related, or are the same reasons people become alcoholics.

There are other reasons people use marijuana such a medicinal use. The drug can be used for many medical problems, some of which are very extravagant. Such as some people with cancer use marijuana to be able to tolerate their chemotherapy. “ Cancer patients on chemotherapy often suffer severe nausea. Marijuana can control it and make their therapy more tolerable ( www.aidsinfonyc.org/Q-zone/maribill.html P.1)”.

Marijuana is also used in AIDS patients. AIDS patients suffer from many things one of which is weight loss. “ Many people with HIV have massive weight loss or wasting that can be fatal. Marijuana can restore their ability to eat ( www.aidsinfonyc.org/Q-zone/maribill.html P.1 )”. Another us of marijuana for medical purposes is for Multiple Sclerosis. Someone with Multiple Sclerosis is very incompetent and is in desperate need of anything that can help them in any way. “ Marijuana can improve muscle control for people with Multiple Sclerosis ( www.aidsinfonyc.org/Q-zone/maribill.html P.1 ) “.

Marijuana is also used in the optical industry as well. The drug can be used to improve the eye site of a glaucoma patient. It is also used in this case to slow down the effect of the glaucoma disease. This medical use was the first one to be discovered.
The chemical in marijuana that is known to
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