Opioid Addiction Essay

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To begin with, studies show that, “In 12 states there are more opioid prescriptions than people” (Brooks). Abuse and addiction of substances like opioids are becoming more of an issue with each generation. People are allowing for these substances to control them. When will people be satisfied with their life enough to not get dragged by this demon. But who are we to blame?

Primarily, the affect the user’s decisions cast upon closest family and friends, the emotions felt by the people closest to them. I have a sister who has overcome a heroin addiction. I spent my whole life watching my sister go through her stuff and my parents trying their hardest to get her back on track. This really opened my eyes to this serious life threatening substance
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According to the article 2 of a Farmer’s 3 Children Overdosed, “Drug overdoses have nearly tripled since 1999, and the state has been ravaged. In Ohio, 2,106 people died of opioid overdoses in 2014…” Deaths due to overdose and hate towards oneself from using drugs is drastically increasing as well. I personally just found out that someone I went to middle school with killed themselves over the fight against opioid addiction. People begin to feel very depressed and are unable to understand they can get better. Users may feel like all they can do is fall back on their dependence. However, there are plenty of other options to…show more content…
Or that it is not their addiction and they don't agree with government spending going towards someone else's health. Many believe the issue is the user and not the fact that they cannot receive treatment. According to the article Let's Go for a Win on Opioids, “An anti-opioid effort won’t be effective unless it’s part of a broader effort at social and economic redeeming, a set of efforts to either help people move out of rural, blighted communities or to find jobs and social networks while there.” I believe with more motivation and better services people will want to reach out for help with their
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