Opioid Use Disorder Research Paper

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According to NIH, millions of people suffer from opioid use disorder throughout the United States. This epidemic has continued to spread and the numbers of people who are becoming addicted is on the rise so much that the total burden of cost is at 78.5 billion dollars per year for prescription opioid misuse, this includes the cost of addiction treatment, criminal justice services, and health care (NIH, 2017. Unfortunately there does not seem to be an end to this epidemic anytime soon. The numbers are unremarkable; natural and semi-synthetic opioids peeked at 14,427, heroin at 15,446 and synthetic opioids other than methadone at 20,145. That is a total of 50,018 deaths for some type…show more content…
It was a few years back when the reality hit that heroin was present and there was little anyone could do, then people began dying everywhere and though many believe that it cannot happen to them, that is an unrealistic belief. Here we live in the upper middle class city of Folsom, we see many individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders with any of the following being the substance of choice: marijuana, opioids, methamphetamines and alcohol. Though in this community many do not speak of the problem and often blame the homeless for the crime and dysfunction that takes place (Folsom watch Facebook). But it is here and it shows in the rooms of 12 step meetings, local low income housing projects and throughout the city streets that run throughout…show more content…
The opioid epidemic has been the worst thing that has happened to our community or our country as a whole, much of which might have be prevented if doctor’s were not so quick to prescribe prescription after prescription of opioids on to their patients. According to Nora D. Volkow, Director, of the NIDA, The Federal government has provided restrictions on the over use of prescription medications and because individuals have developed dependence on the prescription opioids they resort to obtaining them illegally, and in some cases they are resorting to heroin for it is cheaper and easier to obtain (NIDA). Yes, these individuals have a choice to take them, and for a while they are alright, although as seen above the continued use can cause dependence which will cause withdrawal if they do not have these medications leading many to illegally obtaining and using these drugs. This is one reason one fights to see more treatment centers people can go, more harm reduction therapies that are going to help them become clean and live lives that are functional and socially
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