Opioids And The Prevalence Of Addiction And Overdose Essay

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The effects of opioid overdose are traumatic, devastating, and preventable. It is estimated that there are 128,000 people addicted to opioids in New Jersey (Stirling, 2015). Furthermore, many of those addicted to the drug heroin became so after being prescribed narcotic pain killers. This is because when the prescription runs out the addiction is still in place. Those addicted can find pills being sold illegally but they can cost up to 30 dollars a pill. Heroin, costing only 5 dollars a bag according to law enforcement officials, is a much better deal (Stirling, 2015).
Introduction and Goals
The policy that this paper hopes to develop has to do with prescribed opioids and the prevalence of addiction and overdose. This policy will be developed using the incrementalism model because it is very large. The legislator this author will contact is Senator Christopher J. Conners of Ocean County, New Jersey. This legislator was chosen because the prevalence of opioid overdose occurs highest in Ocean County. By using the process of incrementalism, this large issue will be broken down into smaller more manageable pieces. These pieces will be easier to test for efficiency and change if needed (CCN, 2016). The first goal of this policy is to increase the education and availability of Naloxone (Narcan). The second goal involves utilizing prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) to help prescribers recognize and educate high risk patients as well as educate them on the

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