Opportunities And Strengths And SWOT Analysis: Strategic Capability

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Strategic Capability

Generally, any successful organization has numerous factors behind their success. But among them employees are the most vital factor and have a huge impact on the performance of the organization. Any organization can achieve their objectives with ease if the human resources play an instrumental role in achieving the intention of the organizations. So, it is the objective of the organization to measure accurately the performance of the members and optimize them as a vital resource. Therefore, an appraisal is an important factor which has an incredible motivational impact on the people.
Organizational strategies are the means by which the companies can accomplish the means as well as goals. Generally company strategies
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This analysis, as referred by SWOT analysis, developed by Ken Andrews during the early 1970s. The assessment of strengths and weaknesses is a part of organizational analysis and it is an audit of the internal workings of the company. This is relatively easier to control than outside factors. Opportunities and threats are also part of the environmental analysis and the company must look outside the organization in order to determine them, over which the company has less control. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Strengths, according to SWOT analysis are the capabilities of the company and resources will allow it to engage in activities in order to generate economic value and perhaps competitive advantage. The company’s strengths may be determined by the ability-
• To create unique products
• To provide high-level customer service
• To have a presence in multiple retail markets
Strengths may also be determined by the company culture, the staffing and training, or by the quality of the manager. However, all these types of capabilities are regarded as strengths by the
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Opportunities may either be anticipated or unpredictable. They may arise due to-
• Niches for new products or services
• Due to offering of products and services at different times and in different locations
Threats may be individual, group, or organization outside the company and the company performance level is generally reduced by it. Threats may come from new products or services from other companies as these will take away the competitive advantage of that company.
However, a strong company strategy helps to attain competitive advantages as they address all four elements of the SWOT analysis. These strategies help the organization to determine the procedure so as by using the strengths it can take the advantage of opportunity and neutralize threats. The organization should avoid or fix the weaknesses in order to adopt a strong strategy. By using the SWOT analysis, the company can develop a strong strategy in order to achieve a high level performance.
Using SWOT Analysis to develop Organizational Strategy

We can explain SWOT analysis by following steps-
• First step is the development and implementation of an effective organizational

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