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One of the most difficult tasks in life is choosing a career path. Individuals often question which skills, values, traits, and other qualities they possess that may or may not match up with a possible job that would spark a life-long interest. Even for myself, I am still questioning which direction I am meant to take. I started my original journey at higher education at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in an Exercise Science program destined to eventually end up with some sort of Occupational Therapy Degree because I failed at being accepted in to the Music Department. My journey quickly led me from one major to the next, to the next, and on, and on. Even as I am quite confident that Nursing is my
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To keep with commuting to Clearfield to keep my job my first question to Dr. McSkimming was what type of degree programs are offered on this campus; currently Clearfield Campus only has the Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice which is a two-year program (McSkimming, 2013). Of course, I was curious about the bachelor’s degree, would I just have to go to Main Campus to complete that degree program? I was surprised to hear Dr. McSkimming inform me that he actually had a meeting at Main Campus later that week regarding bringing the bachelor’s degree program to Clearfield Campus. Dr. McSkimming stated that the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration that is offered at Clearfield Campus has the same General Education Requirements that would be needed for a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Dr. McSkimming sounded hopeful that such advancement could be made to the Clearfield Campus; he added that when he started only approximately eleven students were declared Criminal Justice majors at Clearfield, currently there are approximately forty declared students (McSkimming, 2013). With such little information, the growth of the Criminal Justice field is imminent; knowing this it made me remember a statement Dr. McSkimming made at the beginning of the semester in my Sociology course regarding the majority of the
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