Opportunities for Women in the Military: An Informative Speech

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INFORMATION SPEECH Opportunities for WOMEN IN THE MILITARY [Student name] [Instructor name] DATE Opportunities for WOMEN IN THE MILITARY INTRODUCTION Information speech is unlike the convincing speech. It offers information on a topic based on facts and not just supposition. It is unlike convincing people to go for red or the pink shirt rather telling them which one is better in terms of price and the quality. This paper is a speech about military opportunities for women that tell what historic role women have played in military, war and combat and that role can be advanced today to suit the requirements of 21st century. THESIS STATEMENT Are there fair and just opportunities for women in American Military? OUTLINE OF SPEECH Introduction Women population Historic role of women in military Women in American military Recruitment and Promotion opportunities Gender discrimination in Military Discussion on women SEALS Why to broaden the opportunities for women Women in combat SPEECH No doubt, the 20th century laid great foundation for the fights for equal gender rights that led to women enrollment in different areas of life. It was a great entry in 21st century to have total human population on the board without segregation of gender, races and ethnicity at least in papers. Yet, there is a lot more to be done particularly when it comes to rights of women in active areas of life. In the 20th century, initially the women rights
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