Opposing Position Paper to the Affordable Care Act

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The federal statute known as the Affordable Care Act, has been touted as a positive development towards healthcare in the United States. However, there are many downsides to the passing of this act. One of the most glaring disadvantages to this act is the cost associated with it. Also, implementation of it is widely contingent upon the successes of the plan in the various states and communities. In other words, it will be an experiment. Even among proponents of this legislation, there is great uncertainty over its potential impacts as well as its ability to control cost growth (Gruber, 2011). If our healthcare reform experience in Massachusetts is to be looked at as a prototype, according to the advocacy organization, “Physicians for a…show more content…
From a cost perspective, there is an argument which suggests that uninsured individuals are the reason that costs are being driven up. However, according to the Pacific Research Institute, this is not the case. They argue that far less uninsured individuals use health care services, much less being a strain on them. They point towards Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries as being responsible for the majority of the cost. If anything, the uninsured are subsidizing the insured, as hospitals are often seen shifting costs to the uninsured, citing that they are doing so in order to quality for governmental grants (Graham, 2007). It is argued that reforms would not be a fix to insurer discrimination. Health policy institutes predict that patients would still be discriminated against - Especially those that have complicated health issues and as a result, multiple bills. This would theoretically make it more difficult such patients to contend with uncooperative insurance companies. Additionally, health plans could circumvent costs by not including enough doctors in their network that address ailments which require costly treatments. In a competitive market, it is unlikely that insurance companies will “play fair” (Hilzenrath, 2009). For these reasons, it becomes quite clear that there are many setbacks in the passage of the Affordable Care Act which must first
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